It's not just an IT-problem.

Many emerging intelligence needs are not addressed by the traditional IT security industry. Assessing a company’s reputation and how it may prompt attacks, understanding the motivations of a threat actor, and discovering how a geopolitical event triggers the use of a new attack type, all require access to and analysis of data that IT or product companies don’t provide. Yet, putting cyber events in the context of the world at large is critical in order to understand and potentially predict future threats.


Case study: Multinational retailer

With thousands of store locations across the world, this retailer faces a huge challenge in monitoring cyber threats. From an ever increasing range of POS malware to phishing scams targeting their customers’ online accounts, they are faced with attacks on a daily basis. Trying to gather intelligence through manual search was time consuming and put them at undue risk.

By using Silobreaker, the retailer is now alerted to the latest malware and attack types as they break. Our technology has become an all-encompassing tool for their cyber team. So much so that they have built their entire workflow around it. Since they began using Silobreaker, the retailer has slashed their incident response times, vastly improved reporting and, as a result, are saving at least a day per week. Less time spent collecting, more on making key decisions.

Case study: European information security company

Companies hire this security outfit for their market leading auditing as well as their proven network and security solutions. With innovation imperative to the information company’s success, it’s essential that they pair their own solutions with those of trusted partners. Wanting to improve their service and answer growing client concerns over leaked credentials and cyber threats to computing technology, they added Silobreaker to their product roster.

With numerous threats, each targeting different hardware and software, the information security company are using Silobreaker to protect their clients’ devices. Through compiling bespoke lists of all the specific technology their clients are using and filtering against Silobreaker entities, they’re alerted to relevant threats in real-time. They use our application to monitor for leaked credentials too. By searching for any company URL, email domain and even credit card information, our client discovers potentially harmful leaks as they happen and can react immediately.

Case study: National bank

The financial services industry is a huge target for cyber criminals. As the number of online fraud cases rises and hacking attacks increase, this bank saw the need to use open source intelligence alongside their existing IT security measures. Their previous cyber defence tactics had seen them obtain a huge amount of data but they were struggling to make sense of it.

Silobreaker enables the financial services institution to link their technical data with open source content and brings vital context to all of it. By providing relevant and timely data on the latest fraudulent activities and threats to payment services, Silobreaker makes it possible for the bank’s analysts to cover more ground in realistic time scales.

Case study: Multinational professional services firm

As a cyber security consultancy, this firm provide their clients with round-the-clock business-focused cyber security intelligence. Not only are they expected to gather data for their clients, but to present it to them too. Silobreaker, therefore, became the obvious solution.

Using Silobreaker, the consultancy collects relevant, real-time data for each of their clients. The moment a client is mentioned, or a potential threat arises, Silobreaker is likely to pick it up. Through combining their own expertise and insight with Silobreaker’s intuitive and digestible visuals, the firm has strengthened its position as the world’s leading cyber consultancy. Silobreaker isn’t just valuable for the firm’s existing clients but their future ones too. Our technology has become a key element of their sales pitch.

One solution, many benefits


Through harnessing Silobreaker’s unrivalled ability to process large-data sets, what used to take days now takes minutes. Using our technology you’ll analyse and interpret with ease.


Tailor your dashboards and even leverage Silobreaker’s strength in 3rd party applications. Instantly access relevant information, in context, and make our technology yours.

Know now

Silobreaker adds and processes data as soon as it’s published. You’ll never miss what’s important and will gain key insights in moments.

'All-in-one' toolbox

Rather than having to work with hundreds of feeds or search engines, Silobreaker collects your data in a single toolbox. Our fully integrated system saves you time and effort, allowing you to see new things and focus on the decisions that matter.

Simple & intuitive

Just because our technology is complex, doesn’t mean using our products should be. Silobreaker’s intuitive and graphically-based interface makes it easy to work with for every user across your organisation.

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We take customer relations seriously. Our relationships team are with you every step of the way to ensure you get the most from our products.

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