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Media & Entertainment

Keep your assets protected.

With the growing popularity of subscription-based entertainment platforms, your customers, employees and operations are increasingly at risk of account compromise and intellectual property theft.

Media & Entertainment – Silobreaker Dashboard

Silobreaker for Media & Entertainment.

Silobreaker collects and contextualises unstructured data across millions of open-source documents, making sense of your organisation’s threat landscape. 

Stay informed of your
threat landscape.

Using Silobreaker, you can stay informed of malicious activity targeting your organisation and your industry.

Our data aggregation and analytical tools create a customisable, round-the-clock feed of reporting on attack types, malware, actors and exploits that’s unique to your industry.

Silobreaker Top Stories – Media & Entertainment
Silobreaker – Dark Web Account Fraud

Monitor leaked credentials and dark web marketplaces.

Silobreaker’s dashboards detect and monitor unusual discussion around credential sets belonging to your customers and employees, letting you quickly spot leaked email addresses and card numbers.

With access to dark web forum data, you’ll gain visibility into marketplaces where accounts and exploits are bought and sold.

Identify vulnerabilities in your technology stack.

The increasing number of  devices used within your organisation can inadvertently introduce more vectors for an attacker to exploit.

Silobreaker streamlines the discovery of CVEs, and the discussion of zero-days and exploits mentioned in the context of your products.

Silobreaker Phishing Attacks by Volume

Discover how your locations are mentioned in the context of regional instability factors such as riots and protests, crime, terrorism, and inclement weather.

Track mentions of your business locations.

Relevant and timely alerting.

Alerts can be used to automatically send findings to you and your stakeholders as they appear.