Strategic & Political Risk

Respond to the unexpected.

Geopolitical decisions can have unforeseen consequences for any organisation. How will you minimise the potential impact of economic, regulatory and political risk?

Political Landscape - Strategic and Political Risk - Silobreaker Dashboard

Silobreaker for Strategic & Political Risk.

With regional offices around the world, larger organisations often struggle to take informed action when political, economic or legal environments change.

Silobreaker aggregates and analyses information from over a million sources in real-time, including travel advisories, weather warnings, government recommendations and local news. Our platform equips you with the strategic and political intelligence needed to tackle issues that could compromise your organisation’s reputation, operations, employees or assets. 

Monitor business locations
and areas of operation.

Track how locations are mentioned in the context of regional instability factors like riots and protests, crime, terrorism, and inclement weather.

Our platform differentiates between normal and unusual reporting on your topics of interest, giving you additional time to take action.

Areas of Operation and Extreme Weather – Heat Widget

Silobreaker's analytical tools help you visualise unusual reporting, understand geopolitical trends and monitor for cyber threats and political instability.

Data is collected and analysed from across news, blogs, feeds, and forums, from open sources to the dark web.

Competitors and Potential Negative Reporting – Time Series

Track reputational concerns associated with negative press.

Negative press can have real consequences in the physical world, even to the point of affecting unrelated parts of your business.

With visibility into a wide variety of both open and closed sourced, we make it simple to set up reputational monitoring across sectors and subsidiaries.

Contextually relevant and timely alerting.

Silobreaker’s powerful search capabilities cut through millions of documents to extract relevant information on threats to your operations. All you need to do is create an alert – any findings will automatically be sent to you and your stakeholders.

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