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Vulnerability Intelligence

Know your vulnerabilities. Prioritise what matters.

It takes an average of 7 days for threat actors to weaponise a vulnerability. What’s your organisation’s time to patch?

Vulnerability Intel – Trending Cyber – Silobreaker Dashboard

Silobreaker for Vulnerability Intelligence.

Vulnerability management is about prioritisation as well as speed. The average organisation takes up to 103 days to remediate a vulnerability, leaving operations and staff at risk in the interim.

Silobreaker simplifies and streamlines vulnerability management. We do this by collecting and contextualising data from over a million open and closed sources, including advisories and disclosures, researcher blogs and tweets, paste sites, and dark web forums.

Identify vulnerabilities faster.

Silobreaker extracts and dynamically ranks CVEs, software and hardware by activity, scanning the contents of millions of documents as they’re published.

We identify not only zero-days and novel attack methods, but also the re-use of older exploits, all in relation to your own customisable portfolio of products.

Zero Day CVE Vulnerabilities – Heat Widget

Put critical issues into context.

Silobreaker tracks conversation around vulnerabilities in relation to the products you care about and puts it into context.

Our technology highlights how vulnerabilities are being used to attack targets, when they’ve been weaponised and by whom, giving you the intelligence needed to make patching decisions.

Understand what to prioritise, and why.

We integrate researchers’ blogs, tweets and dark web forum data into Silobreaker, letting you surface proof-of-concept exploits as soon as they’re discussed or sold.

Our tailored dashboards put all this information in one place, giving you oversight into the known and the unknown, as well as who’s talking about them.

CVE Vulnerability with Comment – Heat Widget

Collaboration and dissemination tools are built into the Silobreaker platform. You can label, comment and triage documents, add actors to watchlists, share visualisations, build reports and set up alerts on any dashboard.

Remediate as a team.

Cyber threat intelligence use-cases.

APT Monitoring

Understand APT motivations, discover who may be targeting your industry and proactively defend against them.

Asset Monitoring

As data breaches become increasingly common, employee credentials and other sensitive data is frequently stolen.

Current Events: COVID-19

Discover how malicious actors are taking advantage of the pandemic to target your organisation.

Data Breaches

Be ready to respond when data breaches happen, and leverage OSINT to mitigate issues as they occur.

Events and Activism

The interplay between physical events and cyber threats has important consequences for your overall security posture.

Malware Intelligence

Identify malware targeting your industry and protect your employees through streamlined alerting and automation.

Phishing Intelligence

Track the latest campaigns that are trying to deceive employees and suppliers into parting with their credentials.

Vulnerability Intelligence

Effective vulnerability intelligence is vital to the process of prioritising and patching emerging exploits.