Webinar: Threat Actors and Your Supply Chain

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As companies leverage a wide range of suppliers and vendors to support their infrastructure, this can present weak points which are exploited by threat actors for malicious attacks and financial gain.

Silobreaker and Intel 471 drive the discussion using best practices and customer experiences, highlighting how raw data from the cyber underground used in conjunction with open source intelligence software can help mitigate the risk of attack. 

Watch this webinar for information on the following:

  • Leveraging unstructured data to monitor data breaches and/or attacks across your supply chain
  • Tracking actor communications through telegram and other illicit forums.
  • Monitoring company assets, credentials and profiles.
  • How to stay alert of upcoming threats to your organisation.


Your Speakers

Darrell Johnston, Client Director, Silobreaker

Maurits Lucas, Director of Intelligence Solutions, Intel 471

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What our clients say
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“What has previously taken weeks to research and complete, we‘ve managed to finish in a single day with Silobreaker.”

Senior Research Analyst,
Global Technology Company

“What can I say, we love Silobreaker. I can’t recommend it enough to our partners and during my speaking engagements.”

Director of Counter Threats,
Global Software Company

“There was a major incident last week and the first we knew of it – despite all manner of other confidential feeds – was through Silobreaker.”

Head of OSINT,
Naval Force

“Silobreaker’s innovative product, along with exceptional customer service, has made it a primary tool in our cyber intelligence research platform.”

Threat Intelligence Manager,
Leading Retailer

“We have found this to be our open source intel workhorse. No cyber threat analyst should be without it.”

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