• Stay on top of too much data

  • Know more, know faster!

  • Combine external and internal data

We make sure you’re staying ahead of the curve.

Today’s proliferation of data can only be tackled with the help of sense-making analytics and technology. We all need the ability to filter and refine data, to extract meaning and insight from it. To capture the opportunities inherent in the data flow, rather than being constrained by information overload. Silobreaker helps you see the big picture as well as understand, map, analyze and report key findings from an ever-changing world.

Our Products

Silobreaker Premium is our powerful online subscription service, while the Silobreaker Software offers a fully customizable solution on your premises.

Cyber Security!

Our cyber security solution helps you see the big picture to know what to focus on. Take a more holistic approach to threat intelligence. Read More.

Powerful tool-box for intelligence professionals

Silobreaker’s features and tools are “must-haves” for a wide range of use-cases across cyber security, competitive intelligence, incident management, government and military OSINT, and risk intelligence. Explore Features.

A single system that covers your workflow

From back-end data aggregation to front-end search, analysis, collaboration and report generation. Discover Key Benefits.

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