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Daily Cyber Alert

22 November 2022

This alert was created automatically by our award-winning intelligence product Silobreaker Online. Story selection is determined by an algorithm and based on a set of queries initially set by a Silobreaker user. Contact us here for more information.

Today’s Highlights

Cyber discussion and highlights from a curated list of sources in the past 24 hours.

Threat Assessment: Luna Moth Callback Phishing CampaignUnit 42 – Palo Alto Networks Blog – Nov 21 2022 11:00
Google won a lawsuit against the Glupteba botnet operatorsSecurity Affairs – Nov 21 2022 14:33
2022-11-11 – IcedID (Bokbot) infection with VNC trafficMalware-Traffic-Analysis – Nov 21 2022 23:05
[ Malware Analysis #5] — Eternity Project — Eternity WormInfoSec Bug Bounty Write-ups – Nov 21 2022 14:26
WannaCry Malware Analysis ReportMedium Cybersecurity – Nov 21 2022 17:49
New attacks use Windows security bypass zero-day to drop malwareMedium Cybersecurity – Nov 22 2022 01:01

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