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Financial Services Threat Alert

Weekly Update: 09 November 2022

A weekly report looking at major incidents and developments in the financial services sector. Topics include data breaches, threat actors and TTPs, fraud and anti-money laundering, and the adoption and regulation of cryptocurrency.

Editor’s Pick

A selection of Top Stories picked by our editors.

Influencer ‘Hushpuppi’ gets 11 years in prison for cyber fraudBleepingComputer.com – Nov 08 2022 14:39
Emotet botnet starts blasting malware again after 4 month breakBleepingComputer.com – Nov 02 2022 18:41

Threat Actors & TTPs

Discussion and analyses of significant campaigns, incidents, and associated actors in the banking sector.

Massive Phishing Campaigns Target India Banks’ ClientsTrend Micro Simply Security – Nov 07 2022 13:39
OPERA1ER hackers steal over $11 million from banks and telcosBleepingComputer.com – Nov 03 2022 15:14
New Laplas Clipper Distributed via SmokeLoaderCyble Blog – Nov 02 2022 10:03

Leaks & Breaches

Leaks and breaches, discussion and actions.

Hackers Leak Australian Health Records on Dark WebSecurityWeek RSS Feed – Nov 09 2022 01:29
Malaysian online stock brokerage firm victim of cyberattackDataBreaches.net – Nov 04 2022 12:15
BWX hit by cyberattack, credit card details likely exposedAustralian Financial Review – Nov 04 2022 00:50

Fraud & Anti-Money Laundering

Incidents and actions related to fraud and anti-money laundering.

Intertrust to pay $5M CIMA fine for AML failingsCayman News Service – Nov 08 2022 20:41
BEIGE Bank CEO Charged with Theft, Money LaunderingNews Ghana – Nov 06 2022 10:55
China central bank deputy governor faces corruption probeWashington Post – Nov 05 2022 05:03
US Charges 8 People Over Cybercrime, Tax Fraud SchemeSecurityWeek RSS Feed – Nov 02 2022 14:33

Cryptosphere – Adoption & Regulation

Adoption and regulation of cryptocurrency in the financial sector.

Santander UK to cap payments to cryptocurrency exchangesRetail Banker International – Verdict – Nov 07 2022 10:19
CBDCs are no threat to crypto, says Binance bossCointelegraph – Nov 03 2022 04:56

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