Russia-Ukraine Insights Alert​

07 April 2022

A weekly report that looks at some of the knock-on effects from the war in Ukraine. The report specifically focuses on sanctions, affected sectors, the cyber threat landscape, and Russia-China relations.

Cyber & Information Warfare

Incidents and analysis of cyber and information warfare.

Russian research center tied to Trisis malware sanctionedSC Magazine US – Apr 06 2022 19:40
CaddyWiper Analysis: New Malware Attacking UkraineMorphisec – Blog – Apr 05 2022 13:27
Claims Say China Cyber-attacked Ukraine Before Russian InvasionMedium – Politics – Apr 02 2022 17:25
Viasat confirms report of wiper malware used in Ukraine cyberattackThe Record by Recorded Future – Apr 01 2022 15:34
Hackers Target Russian Federal Air Transport AgencyBankInfoSecurity – Mar 31 2022 21:41


Sanctions by governments, consequences, and counter-sanctions from the Russian government.

Ukraine to press West for full energy embargo on – Apr 07 2022 05:51
Ukraine: Russia Using Smugglers to Elude SanctionsBirmingham’s Real Talk – Apr 05 2022 01:00
Ukraine: Germany says West to agree to more sanctions on Russia after Bucha killingsSouth China Morning Post – News – Apr 03 2022 19:13

Affected Sectors

Notable discussion, actions taken, and impact on global industry.

Russia continues to supply gas through UkraineSloboden Pecat – Apr 03 2022 14:25
Russia’s war in Ukraine is prolonging global supply chain crisis9News – World News – Mar 30 2022 22:42

Russia-China Relations

Notable discussion and actions taken by China.

China state refiners shun new Russian oil – Apr 06 2022 12:29
Russia turns to China for bank card microchips as Ukraine sanctions biteSouth China Morning Post – Apr 05 2022 16:57
China will be the big winner from Russia’s invasion of UkraineSunday Guardian Live – Apr 02 2022 21:09
China rejects EU calls to cut ties with Russia over Ukraine warWorld Socialist Web Site – Apr 02 2022 05:43

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