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Asset Monitoring

Protect your sensitive data.

Without continuous and effective asset monitoring, many organisations leave themselves exposed to harmful leaks and damaging data breaches.

Asset Monitoring – Silobreaker Dashboard

Silobreaker for Asset Monitoring.

As data breaches become increasingly common, employee credentials and other sensitive data are often repurposed for malicious ends. Maintaining visibility across paste sites and dark web forums is critical to preventing the misuse of these assets.

Our software automatically analyses and contextualises unstructured data from thousands of open, closed, deep and dark web sources. Silobreaker makes it easy to set up asset monitoring for email addresses, IP ranges, credit card numbers and similar confidential data, across a wide range of sources.

Create effective alerts.

Quickly generate alerts that trigger on credential sets.
If we find something where it shouldn’t be, you and your team will know. We’ll also point you to the source of the leak and let you export the data for further investigation.
Asset Monitoring – Paste Sites and Dark Web Exposed Credentials
Asset Monitoring – Dark Web – Corporate Domain Monitor

Understand the context.

If your company’s domain or email domain is being mentioned more often than usual, this can indicate that a compromise has taken place.

Silobreaker’s tools can track credential exposure across multiple source sets, and in terms of attention rather than volume, giving you more time to start remediation efforts.

Discover, assess, triage.

Silobreaker’s collaboration and dissemination features let security teams create tailored workflows. Our in-platform report builder helps you deliver timely risk intelligence to stakeholders. 

Asset Monitoring – Reporting and Triage Alert

Cyber threat intelligence use-cases.

APT Monitoring

Understand APT motivations, discover who may be targeting your industry and proactively defend against them.

Asset Monitoring

As data breaches become increasingly common, employee credentials and other sensitive data is frequently stolen.

Current Events: COVID-19

Discover how malicious actors are taking advantage of the pandemic to target your organisation.

Data Breaches

Be ready to respond when data breaches happen, and leverage OSINT to mitigate issues as they occur.

Events and Activism

The interplay between physical events and cyber threats has important consequences for your overall security posture.

Malware Intelligence

Identify malware targeting your industry and protect your employees through streamlined alerting and automation.

Phishing Intelligence

Track the latest campaigns that are trying to deceive employees and suppliers into parting with their credentials.

Vulnerability Intelligence

Effective vulnerability intelligence is vital to the process of prioritising and patching emerging exploits.