Business Watch and Compliance

Stay ahead of the competition.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of data that’s out there. Use it to unlock new insights that will keep you one step ahead.

Oil and Gas General – Silobreaker Dashboard

Silobreaker for Business Watch & Compliance.

Business professionals who get their news from only a few sources are missing out. You don’t need to know it all to succeed – just more than the competition.

Let Silobreaker do the heavy lifting. We’ll bring you new developments across any industry, in any country, leaving you free to make investment decisions and understand the impact of regulatory and legal changes on your business.

Stay on top of companies, people and markets.

Keep track of where in the world new technologies are emerging, products are launched, contracts are won, capital is invested, IPOs are announced, M&A activity is developing, and company executives are changing jobs. 

New Investments Reporting – Hot Spots

Regulatory compliance is requiring more and more resources.

If you’re keeping up with changes in AML legislation, checking sanctions lists, or tracking suspicious activity for KYC purposes, Silobreaker’s data aggregation and search tools can help.

Earnings Reporting – Time Series

Compare yourself to your peers.

We do a lot more than monitor the news. Our tools can help you understand how your company’s reputation stacks up against the competition, and whether you’re at risk of becoming a target.

Track industry developments and trends.

Don’t miss out on any developments that could impact your organisation’s bottom line. We make it easy to set up alerts that notify you automatically about trending companies or senior executives in your industry.

Trending Executives – Heat Widget
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