APT Monitoring

Track and respond to APT activity

APT attacks can have a range of motivations behind them, including financial gain, ideology and espionage. Are you doing all you can to respond effectively?

APT Monitoring – Silobreaker Dashboard

Silobreaker for APT Monitoring.

APT groups are increasingly responsible for espionage and information theft. This can result in the exposure of trade secrets, personally identifiable information, and the compromise of infrastructure.

Silobreaker lets you discover who is targeting your industry, and the tools and tactics being used to do so. Our platform analyses vast amounts of open-source and deep and dark web data, supplying you with the information and insights needed to protect your organisation.

Discover new targeted campaigns.

Inform stakeholders when any new APT campaigns are targeting your sector or business interests. Silobreaker tracks phishing campaigns, malware, TTPs, social engineering attacks, and more.

APT Monitoring – Backdoor Campaign – Time Series

Identify vulnerabilities in your technology stack.

Silobreaker users can track APT activity in terms of tools, techniques, letting you quickly discover whether you’re employing a vulnerable product.

Understanding your threat landscape is an essential part of securing your organisation. With access to real-time reporting on attacks and breaches around the world, we help you find and prioritise the actors most likely to cause harm.

Monitor mentions of actors, breaches and targets by region.

APT Monitoring – Export Hash Mentions to SIEM

Export and pivot on indicators of compromise.

Silobreaker automatically extracts indicators from hundreds of thousands of blogs and research papers.

These can be exported manually, pushed to your SIEM via our API, or investigated further in our platform. We make sure to keep the source and evidence for our indicators, so you’ll be able to do further research without difficulty.

In 2019, attackers were, on average, present for 56 days on victim's networks before they were detected.



Cyber threat intelligence use-cases.

APT Monitoring

Understand APT motivations, discover who may be targeting your industry and proactively defend against them.

Asset Monitoring

As data breaches become increasingly common, employee credentials and other sensitive data is frequently stolen.

Current Events: COVID-19

Discover how malicious actors are taking advantage of the pandemic to target your organisation.

Data Breaches

Be ready to respond when data breaches happen, and leverage OSINT to mitigate issues as they occur.

Events and Activism

The interplay between physical events and cyber threats has important consequences for your overall security posture.

Malware Intelligence

Identify malware targeting your industry and protect your employees through streamlined alerting and automation.

Phishing Intelligence

Track the latest campaigns that are trying to deceive employees and suppliers into parting with their credentials.

Vulnerability Intelligence

Effective vulnerability intelligence is vital to the process of prioritising and patching emerging exploits.

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