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Delivery, subscriptions & pricing

Hosted SaaS platform delivered through web browsers and mobile apps.

Offered on a company subscription basis, subject to our terms of use.

Minimum subscription period is 12 months.

Pricing based on the number of user accounts and integrations required.

Several subscription packages are available including volume and multi-year discounts.

For more information and to receive a quote, please contact us.


(Enterprise Subscriptions)


Aggregated data in multiple languages from nearly a million open web sources.

User accounts and mobile app accounts.

Subject to fair use, unlimited:

  • use of tools and visualisations
  • number of searches
  • number of dashboards
  • number of watch-lists
  • number of source-lists
  • number of email alerts
  • number of reports
  • use of sharing/collaboration tools
Partner integrations (integration only, product/data license needs to be purchased separately from 3rd party provider).
Dashboards tailored to customer’s use-case and requirement.
Customer logo in the user interface.
Customer logo on email-alerts.
Customer branded/styled template for report-tool.
Training & Support
Introductory training and onboarding webinar.
Regular webinars on product updates and for use-case support.
Interactive user manual.
Standard customer support.
Standard tech support.

Not included

(Enterprise Subscriptions)

Premium data.

Bespoke integrations.

Premium customer support.

Additional/advanced training.

Any other bespoke or tailored service or arrangement.  

More information about Silobreaker Services.

Technical requirements

No installation required.

Access and use through standard web browsers.

Browsers supported: Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge.


RESTful API that enables you to integrate Silobreaker data and results in your own environment, or to leverage third-party products with the insights from Silobreaker’s features.

API is feature-complete. Any data or result which is available in the Silobreaker user-interface can also be queried and extracted through the API.

We have already teamed up with several integration partners but our API can also be used for custom integrations between Silobreaker and SIEM systems, threat intelligence products, information sharing platforms and other products and data sources.

API supports several response formats, including XML, JSON, Atom 1.0, HTML and CSV.

Mobile App

Mobile app is available as a free download in the iOS and Android app stores.  Logging in to the app requires the same account credentials as for a user’s online account.