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US-based Bank Protects Their People and Assets Against Physical Security Threats

Case study

Silobreaker integrates the collection and aggregation of data and delivers collaborative dashboards and real-time alerts providing analysts with insights into relevant physical threat intelligence and enabling stakeholders to better protect their branch locations.

The Challenge

A US-based bank’s security team was concerned about their current ability to monitor for physical security threats impacting their office locations and data centres. These threats included crime, extreme weather conditions, fire and other potentially disruptive events. In addition, the security team were interested in monitoring targeted threats to their executives and gaining an awareness of potential exposure levels in open-source threat intelligence (OSINT) reporting.

Due to the organisation’s size and widespread geographic presence, having a holistic view of the threat landscape and a means to alert stakeholders in a timely manner was imperative to the team. Despite these demanding conditions the team lacked a centralised intelligence tool to curate this manner of physical threat intelligence in an effective and timely manner.

The Solution

Using Silobreaker, a powerful threat intelligence tool that connects the entire intelligence production cycle the team are now able to map and meet their complex priority intelligence requirements (PIRs) within one platform. 

Silobreaker gathers data from millions of open and dark web sources, as well as premium content from security threat focused services. The organisation’s security teams can search across these disparate datasets, from travel advisories to expert forecasts and analysis, within one easy view – providing them with relevant insights that they can rely on. 

This is accomplished via the Silobreaker intelligence platform, which connects real-time data aggregation with lightning-fast analysis and context enabling the Bank to deliver against their PIRs through customisable dashboards and alerts.

The result is high-fidelity, relevant intelligence that can be easily disseminated via automated alerts or bespoke reports which can be formatted to match their existing templates and individual branding. These can be shared with relevant stakeholders at all levels of the organisation.

By streamlining the monitoring and reporting process, the security team can identify physical security challenges across their areas of operation. This provides them with the ability to identify trending threats, proactively address issues, mitigate risks and protect their revenues.

Through Silobreaker, the intel teams were also able to understand potential threats to their executives. The wealth of data utilised by Silobreaker ensured that even local and regional sources mentioning their executives travelling to specific events could be picked up on, therefore allowing the teams to understand their executives’ potential exposure.

The Outcome

  • Build customised dashboards that their intel teams could utilise to protect branch locations
  • Quickly identify emerging threats through unmatched visualisations
  • Isolate and track local data sources in multiple regions to minimise top risks
  • Understand the relationship between threats, people and assets to build timely reports to share with unlimited stakeholders. 


US-based Bank

Company size

10,000+ employees

Solution users

Security team


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