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COVID-19 Alert – 27 July 2020

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Actions by Governments
  • Australia sees deadliest day of coronavirus pandemic (The Hill)
  • Australia’s migration intake to fall by over 2 lakh due to COVID-19 (The Hindu)
  • COVID-19 latest: Ten dead in Victoria, Spain says toll much higher than figures suggest (Newshub)
  • China’s image problem during Covid-19 crisis (Asia Times Online)
  • Coronavirus resurgence endangers Japan’s economic recovery scenario (
  • France and Germany could join Spain on UK’s quarantine list (Telegraph)
  • German companies help South Africa during coronavirus struggle (Deutsche Welle)
  • Indonesia kindergarten explores new ways to teach over pandemic (Arab News)
  • Iran says medics exhausted in battle against coronavirus (Malay Mail)
  • Nicola Sturgeon urged to publish scientific evidence on Spain quarantine (The Scotsman)
  • Second wave comes to Japan (Financial Standard)
  • Senior Merkel ally says Germany is already struggling with second wave of coronavirus (Telegraph)
  • Slowly, Italy Is Waking From the Coronavirus Nightmare (New York Times)
  • Spain takes aim at nightclubs and beaches as virus rebounds (
  • Stormont Executive to discuss Spain quarantine (BBC)
  • The Spain quarantine will bring unexpected knock-on effects – not just economic disruption (The Independent)
  • The latest numbers on COVID-19 in Canada for Sunday, July 26 (
  • UK – ‘So last year’: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Jacinda Ardern-inspired video (Waikato Times)
  • UK – Boris Johnson Has a Moral Dilemma Over China and Russia (Bloomberg)
  • UK – Chancellor Rishi Sunak mulls taxing online sales to raise £2BILLION (Mail Online UK)
  • UK – Scottish Government warns more quarantine U-turns ‘inevitable’ (Herald Scotland)
  • UK – Tony Blair: Boris Johnson is not the person to save the Union (Telegraph)
  • US – Cuomo blames NY Post for Florida and Arizona’s rising COVID-19 rates (New York Post)
  • US – Family gathers after months apart – and 14 catch COVID-19, Texas reports say (
  • US – From @WSJopinion: A Covid-19 vaccine may happen sooner than expected thanks to years of private investment and new… (WSJ – Twitter)
  • US – How Long Are You Contagious With Covid-19 Coronavirus? Here’s A CDC Update (
  • US – Illinois records lowest daily COVID-19 death count since March (Chicago Sun-Times)
  • US – Meadows says Trump administration ‘hopeful’ it can release coronavirus treatment news ‘in the coming days’ (
  • US – More than 40 people have coronavirus after attending church event in Alabama (New York Daily News)
  • US – Some Nevada agencies won’t reveal pandemic plans, months into COVID-19 (Las Vegas Review Journal)
  • US – U.S. Treasury prices move higher amid concerns over coronavirus infections, geopolital tension (CNBC)
  • WHO’s latest situation report (WHO)
  • Why are travellers to the UK from Spain being asked to quarantine? (The Guardian)
  • Will France and Germany join Spain on UK’s quarantine list? All the countries most at risk of being shut next (
  • traveller to South Korea may have caught Covid-19 during Singapore transit (South China Morning Post – News)
Actions by Companies
Drugs, Treatments & Vaccines
  • A trial for coronavirus vaccine researchers: Making sure black and Hispanic communities are included in studies (Washington Post)
  • How to build trust around a covid-19 vaccine (Washington Post)
  • Live Global Coronavirus News: Antibody Puzzle Complicates Immunity Question (New York Times)
  • Moderna gets further $472 million U.S. award for coronavirus vaccine development (Reuters UK)
  • Q&A: Could a COVID-19 vaccine return life to normal? Scripps Research expert weighs in (San Diego Union Tribune)
  • Scientists are working at breakneck speed to develop an effective vaccine for the coronavirus. Their ultimate goal:… (WSJ – Twitter)
  • Strong legal basis for making Covid-19 vaccinations mandatory (Irish Times)
  • Trump coming to North Carolina to see work on virus vaccine (
  • US is accused of hampering attempts to find a Coronavirus vaccine (Mail Online – Latest Stories)
  • When will a vaccine for the new coronavirus be available? Who would need to get one? Here’s a look at where the rac… (WSJ – Twitter)
Societal & Economic Impact
BOJ policymakers voice concerns over possibility of slow recovery
Mainichi JP
This Dec. 12, 2019 photo shows the Bank of Japan head office in Tokyo. (Kyodo) TOKYO (Kyodo) — Japan's economy is on course to make a recovery, but it is likely to be slow in coming due to the lingering effects of the coronavirus pandemic, a summary…
BoE Economist – U.K. Economy Growing At 1% A Week
Seeking Alpha
How quickly and how far? The big economic question of our times is how quickly will the varied economies recover from the coronavirus induced closedown? Then, as a secondary issue, how far will they recover? One good guess is that the UK – just as an…
COVID-19 triggers spike in homelessness in Salisbury
There has been a “noticeable increase” in the number of homeless people in the Salisbury Council area due to COVID-19, including a “chronic rough sleeper population” within the city centre, a new report reveals.
Coronavirus crisis sparks a young Israeli protest movement
In attending his first-ever public protest, 34-year-old Nimrod Gross arrived with the only prop he felt reflected him — the blue-and-white Israeli flag. The former combat soldier and current tour ……
Coronavirus infections reach 60,000 in Israel as protests continue
More protests sweep country as coronavirus situation worsens Israel’s coronavirus cases topped 60,000 infections over the weekend as thousands of people took to the streets across the country to protest the government’s handling of the pandemic and…
Coronavirus is too serious for BLM protesters ‘to be playing games’
After the black lives matter movement threatened to defy a court ruling and proceed with another planned protest Liberal MP Trent Zimmerman has urged organisers to realise the situation is too important to be “playing games”.
Fourth suicide in Tripura for Smartphone during Covid-19 pandemic
United News of India
Agartala, Jul 27 (UNI) A teen committed suicide, fourth during the Covid-19 pandemic, for smartphone, last night. Except for a father, three others were school students, who were expecting an android phone to attend the online classes being organised…
Pandemic has exposed weaknesses in our economy … and society National
Employment without annual leave and sick pay is all very well when the economy is still growing but once it hits a bump, it can produce devastating outcomes.
Republican COVID-19 Stimulus Package Will Be Unveiled Monday, Treasury Secretary Says
International Business Times
Senate Republicans on Monday will announce a new stimulus package to boost the economy amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said. “The bill will be introduced Monday and we’re prepared to act quickly. This is all about kids…
Sunday shows – Coronavirus relief, stimulus talks dominate
The Hill
House Speaker Nancy PelosiNancy PelosiJohn Lewis's 7-year-old great nephew calls the civil rights icon 'my hero' White House, Congress talk next coronavirus relief bill as COVID-19 continues to surge Family honors John Lewis at memorial in his…
Geopolitical Impact
Africa: Crop Disease Pandemic Coming ‘Sooner Rather Than Later’
Global trade and monoculture will lead to crop disease pandemics that jeopardise world food systems, experts warn. A healthy wheat crop in Uganda, just weeks from harvest, turns into a tangle of black stems and shrivelled grains. As much as 80 per…
Gold prices surge to record high amid coronavirus worries, U.S.-China tensions
CNBC Asia-Pacific News
Gold prices touched record prices on Monday morning in Asia as worries over issues such as the coronavirus pandemic as well as U.S.-China trade tensions weighed on investor sentiment.
Half of manufacturers to bring work home after coronavirus exposes flaws in global trade
In total, 46pc of companies surveyed by trade body MakeUK said they planned to bring work back home over the next two years. Almost half of British manufacturers are planning to rely more on UK suppliers in future after coronavirus exposed major flaws…
Oil Stable as Signs of Easing Virus Offset U.S.-China Tensions
Oil was little changed in Asia as signs of an easing in coronavirus cases across the U.S. south were countered by ongoing diplomatic tensions between the Trump administration and China. Futures in New York slipped 0.3%, after rising 0.5% on Friday….
Queensland border control
Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski speaks on border control after Sydney's Fairfield Council was added to Queensland's hotspot list.
South Korea Says Defector Likely Swam Back to North Korea
The crossing led to a virus alert and lockdown in North Korea Defector not infected with Covid-19, South Korea says A defector was suspected of evading South Korean border guards by going through a drainage ditch and swimming back to North Korea, in a…
South Korea says defector who sparked coronavirus fears likely swam back to North Korea
The Straits Times All News
July 27, 2020 2:13 PM SEOUL (BLOOMBERG) – A defector was suspected of evading South Korean border guards by going through a drainage ditch and swimming back to North Korea, in a crossing that escalated tensions on the peninsula and led Pyongyang to…
U.S. Treasury prices move higher amid concerns over coronavirus infections, geopolital tension
Growing Covid-19 infections in certain parts of the world have raised concerns over the prospects for the global economy. India, Hong Kong, as well as certain regions of Europe, have seen spikes in recent days. U.S. government debt prices  were higher…
U.S., Brazil, Mexico, India lead surge of coronavirus; death toll nears 650,000
July 26 (UPI) — Since the first death from coronavirus was reported more than 6 months ago in mainland China, the toll has grown to nearly 650,000 deaths and 16 million cases but dominated now by four countries: the United States, Brazil, Mexico and…
What’s going on in the South China Sea and will it lead to war?
ABC Online
Australia and the United States this month hardened their position on the South China Sea, where Washington has accused Beijing of attempting to build a "maritime empire" in the potentially energy-rich waters, despite regional concerns. Key points:…
Cybersecurity Impact
All states spy in the ‘great game’ of espionage, so why is the US taking action against China’s Houston embassy?
ABC Online
Tensions between the world's two largest economies have been on the rise again this week after the United States ordered the closure of China's Houston embassy, alleging it was a nest of Chinese spies who tried to steal data from facilities in Texas….
Cyber-attacks on maritime sites soar during pandemic
Financial Times – UK Homepage
CyberScoopNews – Russian government hackers targeting coronavirus vaccine research, UK, US and Canada warn
CyberScoopNews – Twitter
Russian government hackers targeting coronavirus vaccine research, UK, US and Canada warn
How firms are keeping staff and secrets safe from hackers now everyone is working remotely
More employees are working from home than ever before due to the coronavirus.  Security chiefs from McLaren, Revolut, and Facebook explained what they're doing to keep their companies safe during the lockdown. Measures range from using privacy…
InfoSecHotSpot – Checkpoint finds over 200,000 coronavirus-related cyber-attacks per week Coronavirus related cyber-attacks sharply…
InfoSecHotSpot – Twitter
Checkpoint finds over 200,000 coronavirus-related cyber-attacks per week Coronavirus related cyber-attacks sharply increased from under 5,000 per week in February 2020 to over 200,000 per week in late April, according to a report released last week…
More prison time for Trade Me con-artist Richard Wallace over $124,000 fraud
New Zealand Herald
A serial con-artist has had an additional 26 months added to his prison sentence for his continuous and "relatively sophisticated" used-car scam targeting Trade Me users. Richard Mark Wallace was last year sentenced to two years and eight months'…
Morrison government wants a cyber army
Australian Financial Review
The federal government wants to build a cyber army across the public and private sector with an additional 76,000 recruits by 2024 to deal with major hacks and a rapidly transforming digital economy. Employment Minister Michaelia Cash said new and…
N. Korean’s Re-Defection Exposes Border Security Vulnerabilities
Korea Broadcasting System
Photo : YONHAP News Anchor: A North Korean who defected to South Korea three years ago, returned back to the North recently, apparently exposing embarrassing weaknesses in the South's border security in the process. Making matters worse, North Korea…
Phishing Scam Promises £400 Council Tax Cut
Infosecurity – Latest News
Phishing Scam Promises £400 Council Tax Cut Email users are being warned not to fall for yet another COVID-related lure after warnings of a new phishing campaign, this time promising the recipient a government-funded tax cut. The email…
Will Garmin pay $10 Million ransom in order to bring to an end ransomware attack after three days?
Mail Online UK
Garmin is being asked to pay a $10 million ransom after a cyberattack has taken down its systems and apps including its website for four days  The navigation company was hit by a ransomware attack on Thursday with customers unable to log their…

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