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Heat – Trending Malware and Threat Actors
Name Heat 1 Heat 7 Vol 1 Vol 7
vCrypt Ransomware 2 2
WebMonitor RAT 2 5
Cerberus Malware 2 7
Shade Ransomware 3 23
Ryuk Ransomware 2 13
Buran Ransomware 1 1
BlackKingdom Ransomware 1 1
DeathHiddenTear Ransomware 1 1
VPNFilter Malware 1 1
MRAT Mobile Remote Access Trojan 1 2
Data Breaches
Flaws in Ninja Forms, LearnPress Plugins Exposed WordPress Sites to Attacks
Security WeekMay 04 2020 11:17
High-severity vulnerabilities patched in the Ninja Forms and LearnPress WordPress plugins could be exploited to take over vulnerable sites, WordPress security company Defiant reports. The developers of highly popular Ninja Forms last week addressed…
What Caused the SBA Flaw that Exposed Business Owners’ Personal Info?
Security Bloggers NetworkMay 04 2020 20:37
Current events are reshaping the way we live our everyday lives, and taking a heavy toll on the business world, with organizations of all sizes feeling financial disruption. …
“Jio” Has Exposed User Data Collected by Its Coronavirus Symptom Checker App
TechNaduMay 04 2020 11:02
Jio’s COVID-19 self-check app database was left exposed online without a password. The exposed data contained logged symptoms, contacts made, and even the coordinates of individual users. People are voluntarily using these apps and often end up…
Home affairs data breach may have exposed personal details of 700, 000 migrants – Data LossMay 04 2020 14:25
Posted by Destry Winant on May 04…
Hacker Groups
National Emergency as Trump Bans Foreign Power Grid Kit
Infosecurity – Latest NewsMay 04 2020 10:30
National Emergency as Trump Bans Foreign Power Grid Kit President Trump has declared another national emergency: this time over the threat of foreign adversaries launching crippling cyber-attacks against the US power grid. A new…
Increase in Ransomware Demand Amounts Driven by Ryuk, Sodinokibi
Security Bloggers NetworkMay 04 2020 11:34
The Ryuk and Sodinokibi ransomware families both contributed to an increase in the ransom amounts demanded by attackers over the past quarter. Coveware found that the average ransom amount demanded by ransomware attacks in Q1 2020 was $111,605….
LockBit ransomware self-spreads to quickly encrypt 225 systems
BleepingComputer.comMay 04 2020 21:09
A feature of the LockBit ransomware allows threat actors to breach a corporate network and deploy their ransomware to encrypt hundreds of devices in just a few hours. […]
Ransomware Attacks Targeting Pharma and Healthcare Sectors Amid COVID-19
CywareMay 04 2020 07:04
This March, while coronavirus was on its way to gain the status of a global pandemic, hackers made Hammersmith Medicines Research a ransomware target. Fortunately, the threat was contained on the same day and the company did not have to pay any…
Zoom Installers Used to Spread WebMonitor RAT
Dark Reading – All StoriesMay 04 2020 17:55
Researchers warn the installers are legitimate but don't come from official sources of the Zoom app, including the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Ongoing Campaigns
Would you let burglars enter your home and steal all your personal data? Well, your routers do…
Check PointMay 04 2020 14:19
Why router IoT security is crucial for individuals, organizations and states There are tens and hundreds of million routers around the world. In every household, office, shop and coffee shop. Routers are probably the most single used network device…
Average ransom payment up 33 percent in Q1, Sodinokibi and Ryuk top variants
SC Magazine USMay 04 2020 22:28
The ever industrious and forward-looking groups behind the majority of ransomware attacks essentially reinvented the business during the first quarter of 2020 developing new tools and methods that helped boost their success rate. The advent of the…
Microsoft spotted multiple malspam campaigns using malware-laced ISO and IMG files
Security AffairsMay 04 2020 23:09
Microsoft warns of threat actors targeting organizations with malware-laced ISO and IMG files aimed at delivering a remote access trojan. Microsoft advanced machine learning threat detection models detected multiple malspam campaigns distributing…
4th May – Threat Intelligence Bulletin
Check Point Research – RSSMay 04 2020 13:20
For the latest discoveries in cyber research for the week of 4th May 2020, please download our Threat Intelligence Bulletin. Top Attacks and Breaches Check Point Research has…

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