06 October 2020

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Heat – Trending Malware and Threat Actors
Name Heat 1 Heat 7 Vol 1 Vol 7
Team Xecuter 14 19
SlothfulMedia 9 24
Fullz House 6 6
SilentFade 5 20
Egregor Ransomware 4 8
XDSpy 5 31
MuddyWater Group 3 3
Lime RAT 3 3
AgentTesla Keylogger 3 3
Ttint RAT 2 2
Data Breaches
Cryptojacker Targets Exposed Docker Daemon APIsBankInfoSecurity – Oct 05 2020 19:46Black-T Malware Favors Targeting AWS credential files A new malware variant dubbed Black-T developed by the hacker group TeamTnT targets exposed Docker daemon APIs to perform scanning and cryptojacking operations, according to researchers at Palo Alto…
Imperva – RT @CISOMAG: The year 2020 saw over 27 billion records exposed in the first half and 2019 saw about 14 billion records exposed. The driving…Imperva – Twitter – Oct 05 2020 13:58RT @CISOMAG: The year 2020 saw over 27 billion records exposed in the first half and 2019 saw about 14 billion records exposed. The driving force behind these incidents has been exposed #databases and #cloud service…
"Oh My God": Joe Scarborough Stunned Kayleigh McEnany May Have Knowingly Exposed Reporters To COVIDSecurityPhresh – Oct 05 2020 10:38Good lord, the Morning Joe host said. Are you kidding me?
ZDNet – Researchers: Twitter bots only account for 4% of anti-vaccine content exposed to users https://t.co/I5Bmj3SXjeZDNet – Twitter – Oct 05 2020 06:45Researchers: Twitter bots only account for 4% of anti-vaccine content exposed to users…
Hacker Groups
Team Xecuter members arrested for selling Nintendo Switch hacksHackRead – Oct 05 2020 21:38By Deeba Ahmed Max Louarn, Yuanning Chen, and Gary Bowser who are alleged members of Team Xecuter were charged with 11 felony counts. This is a post from HackRead.com Read the original post: …
Video-Game Piracy Group ‘Team Xecuter’ Leaders in CustodyTerabitWeb Blog – RSS – Oct 05 2020 14:17Original Post from Threat Post Author: Lindsey O’Donnell The two alleged leaders of Team Xecuter…
XDSpy hackers have been stealing government secrets in Europe since 2011CyberSecurity Help – Blog – RSS – Oct 05 2020 07:38The hacker group remained largely undetected for more than nine years.
Previously unknown XDSpy hacker group has been stealing sensitive government data since 2011Hacking – Security – computing – Oct 05 2020 09:40It uses quite basic tools, but they are efficient enough to compromise the targets /p>
Meet ‘Egregor,’ a New Ransomware Family to WatchDark Reading – All Stories – Oct 05 2020 21:40Egregor's operators promise to decrypt victims' files and provide security recommendations in exchange for ransom payment.
SilentFade malware stole Facebook credentials, $4 million in ad fraudHackRead – Oct 05 2020 15:52Facebook claims that a Chinese company is responsible for operating SilentFade malware and the malicious ad-fraud campaign. Facebook’s security experts discovered a sophisticated Chinese-sponsored malware campaign stealing millions of dollars from…
DoD, DHS Warn of Attacks Involving SLOTHFULMEDIA MalwareSecurity Week – Oct 05 2020 09:06The U.S. Department of Defense’s Cyber National Mission Force (CNMF) and the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) last week published a malware analysis report for what they described as a new…
SunCrypt Ransomware Takes Extortion Threats to Next LevelCyware – Oct 05 2020 18:36In November 2019, Maze ransomware operators started a new trend of stealing victims’ data and threatening to leak it in case the ransom was not paid. This trend was soon followed by several other groups, such as DoppelPaymer and REvil. Recently, the…
Microsoft: Iranian hackers actively exploiting Windows Zerologon flawBleepingComputer.com – Oct 05 2020 23:53Microsoft today warned that the Iranian-backed MuddyWater cyber-espionage group was observed using ZeroLogon exploits in multiple attacks during the last two weeks. […]
BleepinComputer – Microsoft: Iranian hackers actively exploiting Windows Zerologon flaw – @serghei
BleepinComputer – Twitter – Oct 05 2020 23:53Microsoft: Iranian hackers actively exploiting Windows Zerologon flaw – @serghei
cybersecboardrm – Post Grid WordPress Plugin Flaws Allow Site Takeovers #Cybersecurity #infosec #security https://t.co/nLTGVuUepjcybersecboardrm – Twitter – Oct 05 2020 22:18Post Grid WordPress Plugin Flaws Allow Site Takeovers #Cybersecurity #infosec #security https://threatpost.com/wordpress-plugin-flaws/159856/
Experts warn of flaws in popular Antivirus solutionsSecurity Affairs – Oct 05 2020 18:13Researchers disclosed details of security flaws in popular antivirus software that could allow threat actors to increase privileges. Security researchers from CyberArk Labs disclosed details of security vulnerabilities found in popular antivirus…
Ongoing Campaigns

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