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Cyber Alert – 07 April 2020

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Heat – Trending Malware and Threat Actors
Name Heat 1 Heat 7 Vol 1 Vol 7
DarkHotel Group 11 13
Kinsing Malware 5 10
Magecart Group 7 4 11
Magecart Group 5 15
EMOTET Trojan 5 13
kdevtmpfsi 2 2
BUBBLEWRAP Malware 2 2
Maze Ransomware 4 10
Darkhotel Malware 1 1
Stealth Falcon APT 1 3
Data Breaches
Ask the Experts: How can we help organizations report data breaches?
Security Bloggers NetworkApr 06 2020 16:00
A recent report recommends a national cyber incident reporting law. But how do we help organizations report data breaches if they fear regulatory sanctions? The post …
Data Leak: Private information of 14 million Key Ring users exposed
Security Bloggers NetworkApr 06 2020 14:13
Five misconfigured Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 buckets…
Florida-Based Firm Files Class Action Against Marriott After Latest Data Breach Revelation – Data LossApr 06 2020 14:31
Posted by Destry Winant on Apr 06…
Monday review – the hot 24 stories of the week
Naked Security – SophosApr 06 2020 08:04
From Marriott International's huge data breach to whether Houseparty has really hacked you – it's roundup time.
Hacker Groups
DarkHotel APT uses VPN zero-day in attacks on Chinese government agencies
Security AffairsApr 06 2020 13:24
DarkHotel nation-state actor is exploiting a VPN zero-day to breach Chinese government agencies in Beijing and Shanghai Chinese security-firm Qihoo 360 has uncovered a hacking campaign conducted by a …
A Chinese security firm says DarkHotel hackers are behind an espionage campaign, but researchers want more details
Cyberscoop – NewsApr 06 2020 14:02
A well-resourced hacking group with possible ties to South Korea has launched an apparent espionage campaign against the Chinese government as international governments grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a Chinese security firm. <…
Magecart Hackers Continue Improving Skimmers
SecurityWeek RSS FeedApr 06 2020 18:51
A Magecart threat actor tracked as “Group 7”…
Roaring trade in zero-days means more vulns are falling into the hands of state spies, warn security researchers
The RegisterApr 06 2020 18:21
Flaw variety hipper with snoops than cash-hungry crooks right now Zero-day vulns are increasingly likely to be bought and sold by malware vendors targeting the Middle East with their dodgy wares, according to FireEye. "While not every instance of…
Maze ransomware group hacks oil giant; leaks data online
HackReadApr 06 2020 20:52
Home » Hacking News » Maze ransomware group hacks oil giant; leaks data online
Kinsing Linux Malware Deploys Crypto-Miner in Container Environments
Security WeekApr 06 2020 13:17
A campaign that has been ongoing for months is targeting misconfigured open Docker Daemon API ports to install a piece of malware named Kinsing, which in turn deploys a cryptocurrency miner in compromised container environments. Researchers at Aqua…
Microsoft: Emotet Attack Shut Down an Entire Business Network
Dark Reading – All StoriesApr 06 2020 21:45
The infection started with a phishing email and spread throughout the organization, overheating all machines and flooding its Internet connection.
DoppelPaymer Ransomware Operators Breached Commercial Development, Inc.
MalwareTips.comApr 06 2020 14:20
The ransomware operators have been incredibly active in the last few weeks. The infamous DoppelPaymer group has leaked the files of Commercial…
Ongoing Campaigns

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