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Heat – Trending Malware and Threat Actors
Name Heat 1 Heat 7 Vol 1 Vol 7
KingSkrupellos 6 9
Dacls RAT 3 14
Lazarus Group 3 16
Sodinokibi Ransomware 4 21
SilverTerrier 1 5
Shiny Hunters 1 10
APT28 1 4
TA2101 1 2
WannaCry Ransomware 1 2
Maze Ransomware 3 29
Data Breaches
Ohio medical center notifies patients after online spread sheet exposed protected health information
DataBreaches.netMay 09 2020 13:25
The following is a press release. A substitute notice also appears on the entity’s website. May 6 — Ashtabula County Medical Center (“ACMC”) announced today that it has become aware that it inadvertently exposed the health…
Hacker Groups
SilverTerrier gang uses COVID-19 lures in BEC attacks against Healthcare, Government Organizations
Security AffairsMay 09 2020 08:31
Nigerian cyber gang SilverTerrier, specialized in BEC attacks, used COVID-19 lures in recent attacks on healthcare and government organizations. Researchers at Palo Alto Networks observed a Nigerian cyber gang, tracked as SilverTerrier and…
Russian Hackers Had Managed to Access Angela Merkel’s Emails
TechNaduMay 09 2020 10:18
German report claims that APT28 has managed to steal emails belonging to Angela Merkel during a 2015 attack. The unconfirmed report describes what usernames were used and what obstacles were faced. Neither the German side nor the Russians have admitted…
North Korea-linked Lazarus APT uses a Mac variant of the Dacls RAT
Security AffairsMay 09 2020 22:14
North Korea-linked Lazarus APT group employed a Mac variant of the Dacls Remote Access Trojan (RAT) in recent attacks. North Korea-linked Lazarus APT already used…
Hackers sell stolen user data from HomeChef, ChatBooks, and Chronicle
DataBreaches.netMay 09 2020 13:25
Ionut Ilascu reports: Three more high-profile databases are being offered for sale by the same group claiming the Tokopedia and Unacademy breaches, and the more recently reported theft of Microsoft’s private GitHub repositories. Going by the name…
Top celebrities data at risk after REvil ransomware hits famous law firm
HackReadMay 09 2020 20:51
By Sudais Asif Currently, 756 GB of data at risk is at risk due to the REvil ransomware attack… This is a post from Read the original post: …
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