16 September 2020

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Heat – Trending Malware and Threat Actors
Name Heat 1 Heat 7 Vol 1 Vol 7
FIN6 10 10
Mispadu 8 8
Magecart Group 10 18
SunCrypt Ransomware 6 6
Trickbot Malware 6 11
China Chopper 3 6
BlackSquid 2 2
Rudeminer 2 2
Cobalt Dickens 2 2
RedDelta 2 3
Data Breaches
Security Incident at VA Exposed 46K Veterans’ InformationSecurity Bloggers Network – Sep 15 2020 11:28The Office of Management at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) disclosed a security incident involving the personal data of 46,000 veterans. The VA detailed the data breach in a statement published on its website on September 14….
SecurityWeek – Razer Customer Data Exposed by Server MisconfigurationSecurityWeek – Twitter – Sep 15 2020 02:30Razer Customer Data Exposed by Server Misconfiguration
Research Finds Nearly 800,000 Access Keys Exposed OnlineDark Reading – All Stories – Sep 15 2020 17:15The keys were primarily for access to databases and cloud services.
SecurityWeek – Personal Information of 46,000 U.S. Veterans Exposed in Data Breach https://t.co/SooODK7XJfSecurityWeek – Twitter – Sep 15 2020 14:22Personal Information of 46,000 U.S. Veterans Exposed in Data Breach https://www.securityweek.com/personal-information-46000-us-veterans-exposed-data-breach
Hacker Groups
Member of thedarkoverlord sentenced to 60 months and $1.4 million in restitutionOffice of Inadequate Security – Sep 21 2020 21:08The first — and so far, only — person to have been arrested and charged as a member of…
British ‘Dark Overlord’ hacker jailed for five years in USSky News Latest – Sep 22 2020 04:09A British man who helped steal information from several companies as a key member of The Dark Overlord hacking group has been jailed for five years in the US.
Grayfly and Blackfly Cyberespionage ActivityIBM X-Force Exchange – Advisory Tag – RSS – Sep 21 2020 18:53Summary Stemming from the recent indictments of Chinese cyber criminals by the US, Symantec reports on activity tied to Blackfly and Grayfly (collectively known as APT41). Threat Type Malware, Backdoor, APT Overview Symantec has published a report on…
Dark Overlord Hacker Sentenced To 5 Years In PrisonSecurityPhresh – Sep 22 2020 08:15A United Kingdom national who was a member of The Dark Overlord hacking group was sentenced to five years in federal prison, the United States Department of Justice announced this week.read more
OGDO Ransomware AttackMalwareTips.com – Sep 15 2020 08:26My PC got infected by STOP/DJVU Ransomware the day before yesterday. All of my files have been encrypted and have gotten .ogdo extension. After tons of hours of Googling, I cannot say that I got a definite solution for removing the malware and…
ProLock: A Ransomware Spreading Actively and Demanding Big RansomsCyware – Sep 15 2020 19:24ProLock ransomware, a rebranded version of PwndLocker, has been active since March 2020. The attackers behind this ransomware began their activity in late 2019 and rebranded PwndLocker after the discovery of a crypto bug in that malware. The ProLock…
Rudeminer, Blacksquid and Lucifer Walk Into A BarCheck Point Research – RSS – Sep 15 2020 12:53Research by David Driker, Amir Landau Background Lucifer is a Windows crypto miner and DDOS hybrid malware. Three months ago, researchers published a …
DMBisson – Lucifer evolves from DDoS malware to multi-platform threat capable of targeting Linux and IoT devices, shows links… https://t.co/pmgy3En0TxDMBisson – Twitter – Sep 15 2020 13:34Lucifer evolves from DDoS malware to multi-platform threat capable of targeting Linux and IoT devices, shows links with Rudeminer and Blacksquid campaigns https://research.checkpoint.com/2020/rudeminer-blacksquid-and-lucifer-walk-into-a-bar/…
Windows Exploit Released For Microsoft ‘Zerologon’ FlawThreatpost.com – Sep 15 2020 15:59Security researchers and U.S. government authorities alike are urging admins to address Microsoft’s critical privilege escalation flaw.
cybersecboardrm – Windows Exploit Released For Microsoft ‘Zerologon’ Flaw #Cybersecurity #security https://t.co/3FRHZBg0gUcybersecboardrm – Twitter – Sep 15 2020 16:42Windows Exploit Released For Microsoft ‘Zerologon’ Flaw #Cybersecurity #security https://threatpost.com/windows-exploit-microsoft-zerologon-flaw/159254/
“BadWinmail” Outlook Flaw Puts Enterprises at RiskSecurity Week – Sep 15 2020 19:53Organizations that haven’t installed the latest security updates from Microsoft are exposed to attacks due to a serious vulnerability found by a researcher in the Outlook email client. The Outlook bug ( CVE-2015-6172 ) is one of the several security…
Are your domain controllers safe from Zerologon attacks?Help Net Security – News – Sep 15 2020 09:58CVE-2020-1472, a privilege elevation vulnerability in the Netlogon Remote Protocol (MS-NRPC) for which Microsoft released a patch in August, has just become a huge liability for organizations that are struggling with timely patching. Secura…
Ongoing Campaigns
Once Again, APT28 Gets Linked to U.S. Election Interference EffortsCyware – Sep 15 2020 19:24The Russia-linked threat group APT28 had gained a lot of recognition for its cyber espionage activities during the 2016 US elections. The group is widely believed to be responsible for targeting the Democratic National Committee . Now, the group is…
Weekly Threat Briefing: APT Group, Malware, Ransomware, and VulnerabilitiesThreatStream Blog – Sep 15 2020 15:00The various threat intelligence stories in this iteration of the Weekly Threat Briefing discuss the following topics: APT, Conti Ransomware, Cryptominers, Emotet, Linux, US Election, and Vulnerabilities. The IOCs related…
Experts warn of surge in DDoS attacks targeting education institutionsSecurity Affairs – Sep 15 2020 19:37Experts warn of a surge in the DDoS attacks against education institutions and the academic industry across the world. While the popularity of online learning is increasing due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, threat actors are launching…
Hackers tried to slip Trojan viruses into St. Louis County’s website, but never got in, IT director saysDataBreaches.net – Sep 15 2020 12:11Jeremy Kohler reports:  St. Louis County government’s information technology staff took down the county website on Sept. 1 after discovering attacks on its server designed to take control of the site, the IT director said Monday. They were able to…

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