22 June 2021

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Cyber discussion and highlights from a curated list of sources in the past 24 hours.

A deep dive into the operations of the LockBit ransomware groupSeclists.org – Data Loss – Jun 21 2021 14:00
Agent Tesla RAT Returns in COVID-19 Vax PhishThreatpost.com – Jun 21 2021 17:20
2021-06-21 – BazarCall campaign pushes BazarLoaderMalware-Traffic-Analysis – Jun 21 2021 22:03
Carnival Cruise hit by data breach, warns of data misuse riskSeclists.org – Data Loss – Jun 21 2021 14:00
Atomic research institute breached via VPN vulnerabilityMalwarebytes Unpacked – Jun 21 2021 13:53
Scammers are impersonating the DarkSide ransomware gangHelp Net Security – News – Jun 21 2021 09:16

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