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Cyber Alert – 25 March 2020

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Heat – Trending Malware and Threat Actors
Name Heat 1 Heat 7 Vol 1 Vol 7
DarkHotel Group 4 4
Ginp 4 4
BlackNET RAT 3 7
Guildma Trojan 3 3
Trickbot Malware 7 33
Trickbot Gang 2 2
Mirai Trojan 3 20
WannaCry Ransomware 4 6
Maze Ransomware 4 27
Mukashi 2 15
Data Breaches
Indian property site hack leads to 2 million users’ data exposed
Office of Inadequate SecurityMar 24 2020 11:54
Hindustan Times reports: Private data of more than 2 million users were shared on a hacking forum following a major security…
Canon breach exposes personal data of current, former GE employees, beneficiaries
SC Magazine USMar 24 2020 12:53
A February breach at service provider Canon Business Process Services exposed the personal information of current and former GE employees and their beneficiaries. “While I’m usually a bit numb to the latest data breach, the sheer variety of exposed…
Legal industry at great risk from insider data breaches
Help Net Security – NewsMar 25 2020 05:30
A staggering 96% of IT leaders in the legal sector say insider breach risk is a significant concern, according to Egress. 77% think employees have put data at risk accidentally in the past 12 months and 78% think employees have put data at risk…
FSB Contractor Breach Exposes Secret Cyber Weapons Program
SecurityPhreshMar 24 2020 14:07
FSB Contractor Breach Exposes Secret Cyber Weapons Program
Hacker Groups
WHO Targeted in Espionage Attempt, COVID-19 Cyberattacks Spike
Threatpost.comMar 24 2020 19:16
The DarkHotel group could have been looking for information on tests, vaccines or trial cures.
Weekly Threat Briefing: APT36, Coronavirus, Phishing, Remote Access Trojan, and More
ThreatStream BlogMar 24 2020 13:00
The various threat intelligence stories in this iteration of the Weekly Threat Briefing discuss the following topics: APT, Data Leak, Mobile Malware, Parallax, TrickBot, and Vulnerabilities. The IOCs related to these…
Hackers Targeted World Health Organization
CUInfoSecurityMar 24 2020 17:22
Cybercrime , Cyberwarfare / Nation-State Attacks , Fraud Management & Cybercrime Researcher Says Spear-Phishing Incident Has Hallmarks of Nation-State Attack Scott Ferguson (@Ferguson_Writes) , Apurva Venkat (VenkatApurva) • March 24, 2020 WHO logo…
TrickBot Bypasses Online Banking 2FA Protection via Mobile App
BleepingComputer.comMar 24 2020 18:16
The TrickBot​​​​​ gang is using a malicious Android application they developed to bypass two-factor authentication (2FA) protection used by various banks after stealing transaction authentication numbers. […]
People infected with coronavirus are all around you, says Ginp Trojan
We use words to save the world | Kaspersky Lab Official BlogMar 24 2020 11:54
As people all around the world started working from home and practicing social distancing, the latter in some cases may evolve into paranoia. Should I avoid contacting everyone, because, who knows, maybe this person has contracted the coronavirus….
Recent Dridex activity, (Wed, Mar 25th)
SANS Internet Storm Center, InfoCON: greenMar 25 2020 00:42
Introduction This week, I've seen a lot of malicious spam (malspam) pushing Dridex malware.  Today's diary, provides a quick rundown on the types of malspam I've seen, and it also covers what an infected…
Astaroth malware is back. This time it’s even stealthier
MalwareTips.comMar 24 2020 13:02
Astaroth, a group that uses legitimate Windows tools to spread malware, has retooled after Microsoft drew attention to its living-off-the-land techniques last July. The group in February stepped up its activity with even stealthier methods. Last year…
Ginp Mobile Banker Targets Spain with “Coronavirus Finder” Lure
BleepingComputer.comMar 24 2020 17:38
In today's deluge of malicious campaigns exploiting the COVID-19 topic, handlers of the Android banking trojan Ginp stand out with operation Coronavirus Finder. […]
Ongoing Campaigns
UK Medical Firm Working On Coronavirus Hit With Maze Ransomware Attack – Expert Insight
Information Security BuzzMar 24 2020 12:10
Cyber gangsters failed attack on a research firm working on the Covid-19 vaccine, despite  earlier claims  by many ransomware groups including Maze (the offender) that they would  avoid targeting  healthcare. Please see the comment below about how the…
Hijacked routers and attempted WHO hack highlight latest COVID-19 attacks
SC Magazine USMar 25 2020 03:44
Businesses remain closed in many major cities around the world as the coronavirus pandemic rages, but cybercriminals are still open for business, as they continue to use the crisis to serve their nefarious purposes. Today’s latest round-up of…

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