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Heat – Trending Malware and Threat Actors
Name Heat 1 Heat 7 Vol 1 Vol 7
Pegasus Malware 2 6
APT32 2 16
Hupigon Trojan 1 2
Shlayer Trojan 1 3
Nazar APT 1 5
Insomnia Malware 1 8
The Shadow Brokers 1 7
APT3 1 5
ELF Malware 1 3
WannaCry Ransomware 1 3
Data Breaches
Most IT leaders believe remote workers are a security risk
Help Net Security – NewsApr 27 2020 04:00
57 percent of UK IT decision makers still believe that remote workers are a security risk, and that they will expose their organization to the threat of a data breach, according to a survey by Apricorn. This figure has inclined steadily from 44…
Hacker Groups
Crooks target US universities with malware used by nation-state actors
Security AffairsApr 26 2020 09:23
Several US universities and colleges were targeted in phishing attacks aimed at delivering malware previously used by China-linked APT groups. Faculty and students at several U.S. universities and colleges were targeted in phishing attacks, threat…
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