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Daily Alert – 07 January 2020

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Heat – Trending Malware and Threat Actors
Name Heat 1 Heat 7 Vol 1 Vol 7
Mabna Institute 4 4
Sodinokibi Ransomware 5 11
PlugX Trojan 3 3
ELF Malware 2 3
Clop Ransomware 2 5
APT28 2 8
Magecart Group 3 9
Adload 1 1
Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Cyber Fighters 1 1
Agent Smith Malware 1 1
Data Breaches
Live Webinar | Data Breach Myth Vs. Reality
BankInfoSecurityJan 06 2020 16:45
Disney World restaurants hacked; credit card data leaked
DigitalMunitionJan 06 2020 23:36
A data breach affected for half a year multiple franchises owned by Landry’s Inc., a popular restaurant corporation that operates throughout the US territory, including several franchises operating in the world-famous amusement park Disney World….
Houston billionaire’s restaurant co. reports data breach – Data LossJan 06 2020 15:28
Posted by Destry Winant on Jan 06…
School software provider Active Network discloses data breach
Security AffairsJan 06 2020 09:15
The US-based School management software provider Active Network disclosed a severe security breach last week. Active Network provides web-based school management software for K-12 schools and districts, last week it announced to have suffered a…
Hacker Groups
What OPSEC? Member of “thedarkoverlord” allegedly used his personal details to set up hacking and extortion-related accounts.
Office of Inadequate SecurityJan 06 2020 19:55
In what seems like a mind-boggling OPSEC #FAIL, a U.K. man associated with thedarkoverlord allegedly used his real details…
Magecart Hits Parents and Students via Blue Bear Attack
Threatpost.comJan 06 2020 21:47
The latest attack takes aim at a vertical-specific e-commerce platform.
6th January – Threat Intelligence Bulletin
Check Point Research – RSSJan 06 2020 11:20
For the latest discoveries in cyber research for the week of 6th January 2020, please download our Threat Intelligence Bulletin. Top Attacks and Breaches The Dutch university of Maastricht has been…
Austria’s Foreign Ministry Hit by Cyber-Attack
Infosecurity – Latest NewsJan 06 2020 16:34
Austria's Foreign Ministry Hit by Cyber-Attack The Austrian government has been hit by a cyber-attack that could be the work of a rival foreign power.  The attack, which was leveled against the country's Foreign Ministry,…
Clop Ransomware Now Kills Windows 10 Apps and 3rd Party Tools
MalwareTips.comJan 06 2020 07:46
The Clop Ransomware continues to evolve with a new and integrated process killer that targets some interesting processes belonging to Windows 10 apps, text editors, programming IDEs and languages, and office applications. When the Clop Ransomware…
Predator the Thief: Analysis of Recent Versions
Fortinet Blog | News and Threat Research – Category: Security ResearchJan 06 2020 08:00
FortiGuard Labs has been monitoring a new release of the malware known as Predator the Thief, labeled as version 3.3.4. Read more about its latest set of capabilities in this analysis.
Bull Guard Internet Security 2020 VS Nemty Ransomware
MalwareTips.comJan 06 2020 09:39
Does it protect users from Ransomware attack?
DeathRansom Campaign Linked to Malware Cornucopia
Threatpost.comJan 06 2020 17:13
One threat actor appears to be behind several ongoing, related campaigns.
Researchers unearth malicious Google Play apps linked to active exploit hackers
ArsTechnicaJan 06 2020 19:37
Pulse Secure VPN Vulnerability Exploited to Deliver Ransomware
Security WeekJan 06 2020 17:06
A widely known vulnerability affecting an enterprise VPN product from Pulse Secure has been exploited by cybercriminals to deliver a piece of ransomware, a researcher has warned. The flaw in question, tracked as CVE-2019-11510, is one of the many…
Attack Exploits Android Vulnerability CVE-2019-2215 to Install Malware
DigitalMunitionJan 07 2020 00:14
Security researchers from Trend Micro observed three malicious apps on Google play that aims to compromise victim’s devices and to steal information. The three apps include “Camero, FileCryptManager & CallCam,” among the three Camero is the one…
16 Top Security Vulnerabilities Since 2016
LIFARS BlogJan 06 2020 16:11
In the study done by the National Vulnerability Database (NVD), it shows that people can averagely discover approximately 45 new vulnerabilities every day. Moreover, the total…
Ongoing Campaigns
JackHammer, the new version of Rowhammer, uses FPGA-CPU combo to attack PC memory
CywareJan 06 2020 15:55
| A JackHammer attack is much more difficult to detect because of the FPGA’s direct access to system resources. JackHammer attacks can be twice as fast as attacks conducted from CPUs only and can also cause four times as many bit flips. Researchers have…
6th January – Threat Intelligence Bulletin
Check Point Research – RSSJan 06 2020 11:20
For the latest discoveries in cyber research for the week of 6th January 2020, please download our Threat Intelligence Bulletin. Top Attacks and Breaches The Dutch university of Maastricht has been…
Shielding Applications to Prevent DDoS Attacks
Security Bloggers NetworkJan 06 2020 08:00
Spotting and Defending Against Common BEC Tax Scams
DigitalMunitionJan 06 2020 21:02
Tax season is upon us, which makes this prime time for hackers to target your unsuspecting users with the latest Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams. From evolved W2 fraud to tax-related spear phishing, cybercriminals capitalize on the first…

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