Anonymous #opnep
A Napalese hacking group called Anonymous #opnep claims to have accessed Nepal Telecom’s (NT) servers. Their attack was intended to draw attention to what the group suggest are corrupt business practices; in this case, the disparity between NT’s advertised and actual ADSL speeds.

From the group’s Facebook page:

“As the inner corruption is getting bigger, Where 1mb or less megas are transferred to the clients through Adsl , broadband instead of 5-6 mb.” [sic]

Anonymous #opnep have stated that they have the ability to take down NT’s servers but have not done so because of the millions of rupees it would cost the government. NT claims that no servers were breached, but admitted that third party credentials may have been misused.

Major banks in Australia, New Zealand and Turkey have been targeted by Android banking malware. The catchily-named Android/Spy.Agent.SI is a datastealer that masquerades as Adobe Flash Player and asks for administrative privileges after installation.

After compromising a device, Spy.Agent.SI uses a somewhat novel approach to stealing credentials. When a mobile banking application is launched, the malware will create a username/password overlay and then lock the screen, preventing users from doing anything else until they’ve entered the information.

Having saved the victim’s credentials to a remote server, the malware’s controllers will log on and transfer money to their chosen accounts. To thwart two-factor authentication, Spy.Agent.SI will also redirect messages sent by the bank to the same server – this has the added benefit of preventing targets from realising that unauthorised logins are occurring.

Hackers aligned with the Kerala Cyber Warriors group have launched an operation designed to troll popular Bangladeshi websites in defence of their countries pride.

The Indian group hacked into 20 sites, including three government domains, in retaliation for inflammatory pictures posted online over the weekend. Crude and derogatory photos of Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni were photoshopped and circulated online before the final of the Asia Cricket Cup.

Op_Troll_Bangladesh was launched as a response, with Kerala Cyber Warriors declaring “…we are proud Indians and will not allow such defaming of the nation. People of Bangladesh trolled Dhoni with his morphed picture and we are answering them on cyber space.”

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