Current Events: COVID-19

Mitigate the first wave.

Malicious actors routinely take advantage of current events to launch new campaigns. As the move to remote working creates even more attack vectors, is your organisation prepared to protect itself?

Covid-19 Pandemic – Silobreaker Dashboard

Silobreaker for Current Events: COVID-19 Pandemic.

With the shift to home working, attackers are looking to take advantage of employees using remote meeting software to communicate. Staying on top of social engineering scams, spear phishing and software exploitation is key, if you’re to maintain your organisation’s security.

Silobreaker collects and contextualises unstructured data across millions of documents to give you a 360-degree view of your threat landscape. We help you maintain visibility into issues that could compromise your data, networks, reputation and business operations.

Identify malicious activity taking advantage of the pandemic.

Opportunistic and state-sponsored actors are harnessing their creativity to trick employees into parting with their credentials.

Silobreaker can cluster reporting, extract indicators of compromise, and track mentions of actors, malware, threat campaigns, vulnerabilities, and exploits. The information is all collected and analysed on bespoke dashboards, tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Covid-19 Pandemic – Last 30 Days

Track campaigns
targeting your industry.

Our platform gives you visibility into new campaigns targeting your industry or sector, including any tools and techniques being used to compromise targets.

Track mentions of newly discovered vulnerabilities, as well as the recycling of older exploits across a customised portfolio of your software and hardware.

Monitor for vulnerabilities
and exploits.

Covid-19 Pandemic – Organizations

Stay up to date on data leaks.

Silobreaker can monitor unusual activity around your credential sets, including domains, emails, IP ranges, and more.

Our alerting functionality will notify you whenever exposure takes place, giving you valuable time to report and remediate.

Cyber threat intelligence use-cases.

APT Monitoring

Understand APT motivations, discover who may be targeting your industry and proactively defend against them.

Asset Monitoring

As data breaches become increasingly common, employee credentials and other sensitive data is frequently stolen.

Current Events: COVID-19

Discover how malicious actors are taking advantage of the pandemic to target your organisation.

Data Breaches

Be ready to respond when data breaches happen, and leverage OSINT to mitigate issues as they occur.

Events and Activism

The interplay between physical events and cyber threats has important consequences for your overall security posture.

Malware Intelligence

Identify malware targeting your industry and protect your employees through streamlined alerting and automation.

Phishing Intelligence

Track the latest campaigns that are trying to deceive employees and suppliers into parting with their credentials.

Vulnerability Intelligence

Effective vulnerability intelligence is vital to the process of prioritising and patching emerging exploits.

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