WEBINAR: Physical threats facing the financial services industry

Silobreaker and Flashpoint continue their educational series dedicated to the financial services industry, with the second webinar taking place on 24th November.

The focus of this session was physical threats facing the industry, with emphasis on the importance of threat intelligence on businesses’ assets such as employees, locations and processes.

Interestingly, a poll taken at the start of webinar revealed that 58% of the participants viewed major criminality as the most concerning physical risk to their organisation, followed by riots and protests and disease/medical coming in joint second at 16% each.

Using real case studies, including the recent US Election protests, Darrell Johnston, (Client Director – Americas, Silobreaker) and Rob Cook (Lead Analyst – Flashpoint) showed participants how OSINT, as well as deep and dark web data, can be leveraged to monitor for physical threats.

If you would like to watch a recording of this webinar, please fill in the form below and a link will be emailed to you:

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