Ransomware Rewind

Weekly Update: 26 July 2022

Ransomware Rewind is a compilation of ransomware-related stories published over the past week.

Most Active Ransomware Operators

Volume of messages posted by operators during the last week.

Significant Campaigns & Incidents

Documents and discussion of significant ransomware campaigns, incidents, and associated actors.

Toronto Symphony Orchestra ransomware attackCTV News – Jul 25 2022 23:07
Ransomware group targets Italian tax agencyCyberscoop News – Jul 25 2022 16:09
Digital security giant Entrust breached by ransomware gangBleepingComputer.com – Jul 22 2022 20:44
Sewer commission paid $250K ransom to end cyberattackProvidence Journal – Jul 20 2022 19:03
EIS fund custodian suffers data breach after cyber-attackPortfolio Adviser – Jul 20 2022 17:13
Ransomware issues threat to financial institutionNew Indian Express – Jul 20 2022 01:19
Building materials giant Knauf hit by Black Basta ransomware gangBleepingComputer.com – Jul 19 2022 20:58

Tactics & Techniques

Discussion and mentions of significant techniques deployed by threat actors.

Change in Magniber Ransomware (*.msi → *.cpl) – July 20thASEC Blog AhnLab English – Jul 25 2022 05:21
Redeemer Ransomware back ActionCyble Blog – Jul 20 2022 13:10

Researcher Analysis

Analysis, deep-dives and reverse engineering.

On the FootSteps of Hive RansomwareYoroi Blog – Jul 26 2022 07:24
What Are Ransomware Attacks? An In-Depth GuideMcAfee Blogs – Jul 25 2022 11:06
Three decades later, ransomware’s first act still resonatesReversingLabs Blog – Jul 21 2022 09:30
Which group will replace Conti from the ransomware crown?SC Magazine US – Jul 21 2022 02:35
Q2 – 2022 Global Ransomware ReportCyble Blog – Jul 20 2022 09:01

Legal Actions and Discussion

Actions, consequences, and policy discussion by governments and organisations.

Will new EU crypto rules change how ransomware is played?Computerworld News – Jul 20 2022 12:55

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