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About Silobreaker

Who we are

Founded in 2005, Silobreaker helps organisations extract meaningful intelligence from the multitude of the data sources available on the web. With the volume and number of these sources growing all the time, intelligence won’t come from access to data alone. Organisations must be able to unlock relevant insights and gain context about the cyber security, physical threat and geopolitical topics that could place them at risk.

We are a founder-led company. Since January 2022, we have been backed by Marlin Equity Partners. Headquartered in London, we also have operations in Stockholm, which is where our engineering team is based.

Today, Silobreaker empowers organisations in corporate, government, military, financial services and other sectors to make accurate intelligence-led decisions, with confidence and speed. Ready to learn how Silobreaker can help your organisation?

What we do

Silobreaker automatically aggregates a vast selection of unique data sources, connecting the dots between entities to deliver visualisations at unprecedented speed.

This enables intelligence teams to identify undetected threats and incidents early and produce real-time reports, relevant to your organisation, in one click.

We ensure you spend less time collecting and searching for data and more time analysing relevant evidence, so decision makers at your organisations can act quickly to mitigate risks.

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