Latest update offers organisations protection against digital fraud and brand abuse as part of Silobreaker’s integrated threat intelligence platform


Silobreaker, a leading security and threat intelligence firm, today announced a new Brand Threat Protection managed service, capable of safeguarding companies from digital threats and brand reputation risk.

From online brand abuse and phishing attacks to fake social media profiles and mobile app clones, brands have never been under more pressure to protect themselves and customers from constant attack. Unfortunately, the process of manually identifying and stopping brand abuse events is extremely time-consuming, even for larger organisations, and requires tools and relationships with service providers that are in short supply.

Silobreaker’s Brand Threat Protection managed service enables enterprises to act faster against brand abuse. Monitoring 24/7 for spoof websites, typosquatting attacks and phishing campaigns, the service automates detection and incident tracking, while streamlining takedowns through an intuitive cloud-based threat platform.

On top of active brand abuse monitoring, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Silobreaker’s new capabilities include a highly efficient, managed takedown service for abusive sites, apps, profiles or malware hosting, supported by a team of human experts. Faster takedowns not only reduce the risk of customers or employees falling victim to phishing, but shortens the exposure created by actors abusing a brand’s reputation. With the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) reporting that manual takedown requests can take days or even weeks to process, fast and effective brand abuse takedowns are critical.

“Brands are being exploited by bad actors in online marketplaces through phishing attacks, spoof websites and even fake surveys. And when consumers fall victim to these scams, they hold brands responsible.”, said Kristofer Mansson, CEO of Silobreaker. “Brand reputation and trust is critical to a business’s success, and with Silobreaker’s new capabilities for fully managed 24/7 threat hunting, detection and takedown of brand-based threats, enterprises can ensure their customers – and their brands – are protected.”

Silobreaker’s Brand Threat Protection is further enhanced by its powerful intelligence platform that goes beyond traditional brand protection to collect and aggregate intelligence data across open-source and commercial feeds, internal and dark web sources, and leading independent providers. Silobreaker users can create queries and dashboards to identify phishing campaigns targeting their company and their industry – including competitors – with round-the-clock information on who is being targeted and what compromises have occurred.

Silobreaker’s analytic tools also provide the full context of each phishing vulnerability and how it relates to current threats, enabling organisations to prioritise risks and take strategic action. Silobreaker’s platform also enables businesses to monitor for stolen credentials on popular paste sites and deep and dark web marketplaces, with alerts set to notify whenever an organisation is mentioned.

Whether it’s phishing campaigns, data or credential leaks, or other cyber vulnerabilities, the combination of Brand Threat Protection and the comprehensive intelligence features delivered by Silobreaker’s platform, ensures that brands stay one step ahead of malicious actors and threats.

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