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Daily Alert – 15 February 2020

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Heat – Trending Malware and Threat Actors
Name Heat 1 Heat 7 Vol 1 Vol 7
Lazarus Group 14 15
HOPLIGHT Trojan 6 6
Agent Trojan 3 3
xHelper 3 10
Turla Malware 2 2
LokiBot Trojan 2 3
TheMoon Worm 1 1
Guccifer 1 1
Guccifer2 1 1
NukeSped 1 1
Data Breaches
How to claim Yahoo data breach settlement?
MediaCenter Panda SecurityFeb 14 2020 08:31
Report Reveals Worst State for Healthcare Data Breaches in 2019
Infosecurity – Latest NewsFeb 14 2020 15:48
Report Reveals Worst State for Healthcare Data Breaches in 2019 A report into the spate of data breaches that ripped through America's healthcare industry last year has revealed that more breaches happened in Texas than in any other…
Rutter’s convenience stores suffer POS data breach
SC Magazine USFeb 14 2020 15:11
The Pennsylvania and West Virginia convenience store chain Rutter’s was subjected to a POS skimming attack for at least seven months affecting card readers inside some stores and at gas pumps. Rutter’s was informed of the problem by a third party and…
6 Noteworthy Data Breaches in 2019
Security Bloggers NetworkFeb 14 2020 21:03
2019 was a banner year for breaches. Some of the biggest victims included social media heavy-hitters Facebook and TikTok, as well as financial dynamo Capital One. They???re just the tip of the iceberg: according to Forbes, over …
Hacker Groups
CISA Issues Multiple Agency Malware Analysis Reports on Hidden Cobra
Fortinet Blog | News and Threat Research – Category: Security ResearchFeb 14 2020 08:00
HIDDEN COBRA has been linked to multiple high profile attacks which have caused massive infrastructure disruptions, as well as financially motivated attacks in various parts of the world. Learn more.
US government exposes malware used in North Korean-sponsored hacking ops
ArsTechnicaFeb 14 2020 21:23
North Korean Malicious Cyber Activity
Kashif AliFeb 14 2020 12:40
Original release date: February 14, 2020 The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the Department of Defense (DoD) have identified the following malware variants used by the North…
MAR-10271944-2.v1 – North Korean Trojan: ARTFULPIE
US-CERT Emergency ReadinessFeb 14 2020 13:00
Original release date: February 14, 2020 body#cma-body {. font-family: Franklin Gothic Medium, Franklin Gothic, ITC Franklin Gothic, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 15px; } table#cma-table {. width: 900px; margin: 2px; table-layout: fixed; border-collapse:…
LokiBot Impersonates Popular Game Launcher and Drops Compiled C# Code File
Security Intelligence TrendLabs – Trend MicroFeb 14 2020 12:47
There’s finally a way to remove xHelper, the unremovable Android malware
MalwareTips.comFeb 15 2020 06:30
It has taken security researchers nearly ten months to discover a reliable method of cleaning smartphones infected with xHelper, a type of Android malware that, until recently, has been impossible to remove. The removal technique is described at the…
Ginp mobile Trojan fakes incoming SMS
We use words to save the world | Kaspersky Lab Official BlogFeb 14 2020 16:05
Having got inside a phone, most mobile banking Trojans try to gain access to SMS. They do so in order to intercept one-time confirmation codes from banks. Armed with such a code, the malware owners can make a payment or syphon off funds without…
News Wrap: Valentine’s Day Scams and Emotet’s Wi-Fi Hack
Threatpost.comFeb 14 2020 17:10
Top stories of this week include a new Emotet Wi-Fi hack and Robbinhood ransomware operators using a "bring your own bug" technique.
Adobe Fixed Arbitrary Code Execution Issues in February
LIFARS BlogFeb 14 2020 14:00
Adobe has released more than 40 security fixes to address major software vulnerabilities during this month’s patch update. According to a security bulletin released on February 11th, 2020, most fixes affect the document handler Adobe…
Security Flaws & Fixes – W/E – 2/14/20
Tech-Wreck InfoSec BlogFeb 14 2020 13:35
Adobe Squashes Flash Bug in Monthly Security Update (02/11/2020) Adobe issued a number of advisories to mitigate security…
SweynTooth: Bluetooth Vulnerabilities Expose Many Devices to Attacks
Security WeekFeb 14 2020 17:17
Security researchers have discovered numerous vulnerabilities in the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) implementations of major system-on-a-chip (SoC) vendors. BLE is a wireless communication technology designed to reduce the battery drainage of mobile and…
Election hacking: is it the end of democracy as we know it?
Information AgeFeb 14 2020 10:09
Election hacking is a phenomenon that threatens the very fabric of democracy. To combat this threat, cyber security must be front and centre How can governments mitigate the threat of election hacking? Since the 2016 US election, there have been…
Ongoing Campaigns
What Is a DDoS Attack?
Security IntelligenceFeb 14 2020 14:01
After 20 years of prominence, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks may be causing more devastating effects than ever. The first DDoS attack occurred way back on July 22, 1999 when a network of 114 computers infected with a malicious script…
LokiBot Impersonates Popular Game Launcher and Drops Compiled C# Code File
Security Intelligence TrendLabs – Trend MicroFeb 14 2020 12:47
Slow Response Times to Blame for Phishing Attack Success on Organizations
Security Bloggers NetworkFeb 15 2020 02:16
Phishing poses a looming vulnerability for many enterprises today because the attackers have upped their game. They can now set up and take down phishing attacks within minutes, making it very hard for current defenses to identify the problem…
DDoS explained: How distributed denial of service attacks are evolving
Tech-Wreck InfoSec BlogFeb 14 2020 13:55

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