WEBINAR: Threat actors and your supply chain.

In October, Silobreaker hosted a webinar alongside solution partner Intel 471, titled ‘Threat actors and your supply chain’. Interestingly, a poll taken at the start of webinar showed that 54% of participants did not feel confident about the security of their supply chain.

The educational session went on to discuss the dangers of companies using a wide range of suppliers and vendors, and how this can potentially weaken company infrastructure, presenting points for threat actors to exploit.

To combat this, both speakers Darrell Johnston (Client Director – Americas, Silobreaker) and Maurits Lucas (Director of Intelligence Solutions, Intel 471) highlighted how raw data from the cyber underground, used in conjunction with open source intelligence software, can be used help mitigate the risk of attack. Further key takeaway points from the session included:

– How unstructured data can be leveraged to monitor data breaches and/or attacks across your supply chain

– Tracking actor communications through telegram and other illicit forums

– Monitoring company assets, credentials and profiles

– How to stay alert of upcoming threats to your organisation

If you would like to watch a recording of this webinar, please fill in the form below and a link will be emailed to you:

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