New integration provides domain risk scores and allows users to pivot seamlessly to the DomainTools Iris Investigate platform directly from Silobreaker

Silobreaker, a leading security and threat intelligence firm, today announced a new integration with DomainTools, the leader in Internet intelligence. DomainTools’ trusted domain, website, and DNS data is now available directly with Silobreaker, and enables customers to investigate domains and IPv4 addresses quickly and efficiently for malicious activity.

Every day, tens of thousands of domains are registered on the Internet for phishing, command and control, data exfiltration, and many other dangerous activities. DomainTools continually monitors the Internet and brings together the most comprehensive and trusted data to provide immediate context on these domains.

The newly integrated Silobreaker/DomainTools enrichment card identifies malicious activity with clear risk scores across four categories – phishing, malware, spam, and proximity (how closely connected a domain is to other known-bad domains). Silobreaker enhances this data by combining it with millions of sources across the open, dark web and other premium provider data sets to reveal threat actor use of domains, their potential targets, and TTPs (Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures).

The integration also enables analysts to pivot seamlessly into the DomainTools Iris Investigate platform from Silobreaker to perform in-depth domain analysis using certificates, registration history and even screenshots of phishing sites.

Together, Silobreaker and DomainTools offer world-leading intelligence and enrichment and provide the context threat analysts need to deliver actionable intelligence faster and help reduce risk.

“Silobreaker’s latest integration with DomainTools provides enhanced visibility of domain and DNS-based cyber threats, as well as the ability to perform in-depth domain analyses,” said Kristofer Mansson, CEO of Silobreaker. “These new capabilities further ensure that threat intelligence teams can assess threats with confidence and make intelligence-led decisions that reduce risk for their organisations.”

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About Silobreaker

Silobreaker enables organisations to make confident intelligence-led decisions that reduce risk, by providing insights no other solution can match, at unprecedented speed. Aggregating a vast, unique collection of data from millions of open and dark web sources, we unlock relevant intelligence with context, across cyber, physical and geopolitics. This allows analysts to identify undetected threats and incidents early and deliver real-time reports at one-click, so decision-makers can make accurate decisions to mitigate risks.